Select Ride On Toys for Toddlers

Ride on toys for toddlers were probably some of the most exciting playthings in our house for many years...One of the most popular toddler ride-ons since our children got their first ones around 2 years old and were enjoying the rides for a loooong time thereafter. And our house still has the scars to prove the many bumps, and emergency stops.

The right ride on toys likely mean different things to you and your toddler. As a parent it means peace of mind as your toddler moves herself from one place to another. For a toddler it's the very first vehicle she calls her own - it will be a dear companion for many years!

Why You Should Consider Ride on Toys for Toddlers

This stride to ride is study and suitable as first foot-to-floor ride-on toyA good ride toy will help develop your child's motor skills and also improve eye-hand coordination and your child's sense of balance. Leg muscles are strengthened, and motor skills are sharpened. Your child will have to master the art of sitting, holding on to the handlebars and pushing with his feet all at the same time. It can give your child a great sense of satisfaction when he learns to control and navigate his own little ride.

Also, riding toys for older children often are the first experience they have travel around their neighborhood, which fosters a desire for exploration and independence.

The quad ride-on bike is battery operated and runs at around 2mphRiding toys for toddlers and little ones normally include cars, planes, tractors and trucks with pedals enclosed in their frames. Tricycles and wagons, of course, are still very much popular.

For younger toddlers, the so-called "foot to floor" toy vehicles are ideal. They let kids explore their home by sitting on the toy vehicle and propelling it with their feet - Fred Flintstone-style.

The Roll n Ride trike is sturdy and very suitable as first ride on toy for toddlersBut, parents can also use foot-to-floor toys for teaching. One of the best ways to stimulate your child is by giving directions (get on, get off, go, stop, etc.) to follow. This greatly boosts self-confidence as s/he begins riding.

Ride on toys for toddlers are definitely not all Flintstone type toys, but rather hold the potential to give your child an early edge

Choosing Ride on Toys for Toddlers

The first thing that you should look for is a good, child safe design that makes the ride toy well balanced so that it won't tip over, especially on turns. Your toddler is a rather uncoordinated little person right now, so this is important.

Look for toys that are made from sturdy and good quality material; wood, plastic or metal. There should be no chances of any cracks or splinters which could hurt your little one. If you're going to use a hand me down, make sure that it is in good condition and has child safe paint, a sturdy design and good grips.

OK, let's start with the simplest ones... the push ride-ons... sometimes also referred to as scoot ride-ons. Here are a few options.

Giraffe ride on toy for toddlers
Giraffe ride-on
Toddre push racer
Push racer
Steady push trike for toddlers
Push trike 


From your toddler's point of view, pick ones with interesting concepts - a little race car, or a train shaped ride may hold his interest for longer. Pick bright, attractive colors, perhaps rides with faces or ones that look like a favorite cartoon character.

Stride-to-Ride puppy
Stride to Ride Puppy
Ride on pirate ship
Pirate ship
Plush dragon ride-on
Plush dragon

A ride that makes some noises, plays music and has some buttons to push will also retain his interest for longer. Many toddler ride toys come equipped with a little boot or trailer so that your little one can carry along all his precious treasures, perhaps a snack for his picnic and so on.

Learning zebra scooter for toddlers
Learning scooter
Scoot n scoop ride on toy
Scoot n scoop
Music parade ride on for toddlers
Music parade ride-on

If you plan to use any of the ride on toys for toddlers out of doors, it is crucial that you pick one with a handle that lets you guide and control it. Many of these can be attached or detached as required.

Steer n stroll ride on with push handle, should it be necessary
Steer n stroll
Stroll-n-trike ride on
Toddler pedal ride-on
Pedal ride-on

Now, once your child is pretty mobile, it might be a good thing to consider a trike, thus encouraging hand and feet coordination. These ride on toys for toddlers are the sure foretaste to real bicycles.

Toddler ride trike
Ride trike
Classic tricycle for toddlers
Classic tricycle
Tough trike for toddlers
Tough trike

OK, let's also look at other ride on toys for toddlers... these either have interesting designs, foldable or any other special feature, but all of them providing lots of fun.

Toddler slider
Toddler slider
Foldable indoor and outdoor trike
Foldable trike
1st Toddler scooter
My 1st scooter

Lastly, once your child's mobility is really good, you may want to consider one of the following bikes.

No pedal balance bike
No-pedal bike
Toddler's balance bike
Balance bike
KaZam balance bike
Kazam balance bike

Suggested Ride on Toys for Toddlers

The Sit-n-Scoot tractor is a study ride-on toy for young toddlersThe John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Activity Tractor can be a seat for your very young toddler even before she learns to ride and steer it.

To begin with she can explore her little scooter, bang on the horn to hear Old McDonald and other tractor sounds. Soon she will learn to push it along using her sturdy little legs. The handle at the rear helps a parent or adult guide it, but it can be removed when not required.

This ride on toy for toddlers is a brilliant variation that comes with its own trailer - great fro gross motor stimulationAny kid would like this brightly colored Little Tikes Cozy Coupe with Trailer. At first the parent can push the child around, then the little foot rest can be removed so that your child can use her own feet to maneuver the little car. Not only does it make your little one feel all grown up like mommy or daddy driving a car, the little detachable trailer behind is somewhere for your toddler to put her other favorite toys, presenting lots of options for imaginative play.

The Plasma car is one of the popular toddler ride on toys for encouraging mobility and motor developmentThe unique Plasma Car moves when the steering wheel is turned back and forth - it doesn't need batteries or pedals or little feet to get it going. It works on any smooth flat surface, and kids enjoy the sense of power it The Plasma car can carry over 200 pounds so an older sibling or even a parent can use the car along with your toddler gives them. It can support over 200 pounds so an older sibling or even a parent can use the car along with your toddler and show her the ropes so to speak.

The Radio Flyer toddler ride toy is suitably study so kids from 24 months and older can enjoy the exra mobility and developmentAs your child grows she may still love her little scooter or activity car, but may then be ready for other toddler ride toys for slightly older children. Once she is bigger and has a better sense of balance she may enjoy a The Radio Flyer tricycle is surely one of the all time classic toddler ride on toysscooter such as this Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter, which requires her to stand with one foot on the footboard and then push along with her other foot.

When her little legs are strong enough for some pedaling, you could start her out on this Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle with its own little ring and tassels.

If you're still looking for a few more ideas, then visit here.