Science Educational Toys

There is no denying that science educational toys play a key role in developing kids' interest in science and math. And I'm pretty confident that many eventually go on to become a pilot, navy officer, accountant, computer scientist, engineer, architect or several other similar jobs... everyone demanding a science and math background.

This is probably one of the main reasons why parents are keen to keep their kids interested in the subject. I am an avid believer that the best solution for encouraging an interest in science and math comes in the form of selected science educational toys.

Who Benefits Most?

Science toys are as a rule more for children who have a basic sense of understanding and logic... and often older than about five or six years.

The one thing I like about these science educational toys is the ability to make math and the laws of science clear and practical. And of course, they challenge every kid's mind to explore and develop these concepts. Great thing is... almost every child will benefit.

Today extremely fascinating scientific concepts can be bought into a child’s playroom without risk or costing a fortune. The toys I've listed below are much improved versions of similar ones we played with many years ago.  Look around... you'll realize and agree that it's a privilege to be a kid!

Scientific Explorer's Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists

Mind blowing science kit for young scientistsI'm sure this kit will appeal to kids older than the indicated 4-8 years... especially since the range that this kit offers goes way beyond explaining just one concept.

This could be why the kit received an award for one of the 10 best science educational toys in 2005.

It starts at understanding the concept behind a volcano eruption... and actually conducting their own mixing and matching to create their very own lava of sorts. There are several color changing experiments, which will intrigue even the most developed of all minds.

The best part about the kit is that everything is child safe. From the colors to the chemicals and even the sand that never gets wet - everything is child safe.

Needless to say, the kit does take away the fear of reading all that theory and instead helps understand science in a much more practical way.

The booklet that comes along with the kit lists experiments in increasing order of difficulty. So, the same kit can be used over and over to help your child climb the scientific ladder. And yes, this kit works like magic to teach kids about various acid and bases and how the two react; a concept that many grown-ups still fail to grasp.

One of the very popular science educational toys!

Snap Circuits SC-300

This awesome toy is designed for kids of 8 years to 14 years, though I have known adults to enjoy it immensely too. Seemingly impossible to understand concepts of ‘current’ that one needs to study in physics, are comprehended with great ease with these circuits.

There are over 300 circuits your aspirant engineer can build, right from light to sound. The circuits are simple and the manual explains them in more detail. Interestingly these can also be viewed on the internet if one is looking for a clearer visual.

I particularly like how kids easily snap the circuits into place without getting frustrated with the wires as we did a long time ago. Be it a doorbell, an alarm, a UFO or even an AM radio... the kit allows you to build it all.

The Snap Circuits SC-300 makes difficult concepts like electricity flowing in one direction, how photo sensors work and even the science behind oscillators very easy and fun. The kit is designed immaculately with great attention to the safety of the child. All parts of the kit are sturdy and the snap system has been cleverly designed.

It comes as no surprise then that the kit received the National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval along with the Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products and Dr Toy Best Educational Products.

The best part of this science educational toy is that once your kid has mastered the basic challenges offered by this kit, they can go on to build larger circuits using the available add-ons. Indeed a great way to demystify the laws of physics.

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

The Duo-Scope microscope would be very difficult to beat for features, quality, and cost.Ideal for young adults between the ages of 9 years to 18 years, this microscope offers amazing features for its price. For kids interested in biology, and more specifically microbiology, this is a fantastic aid.

The durability of the microscope is great but it is its dual visual option that makes it really stand out. What this simply means is that you can study microscopic organisms (like yeasts and bacteria) AND solid objects (like bugs, insects, surfaces of solid objects). Wish I had one of these when I was a kid!

There are five blank slides provided, which help kids to make their own slides. The microscope also offers four prepared slides which are great especially for those just learning to use a microscope. And if you want to make more slides, simply get a slide making kit.

This microscope has enough magnification and light to clearly inspect almost anything under the lens. And with over 50 accessories, it is a sure winner.

Electronic Lab 130-in-one Project

Targeting children from 10-14 years, this lab is "really cool" (some kids of 8 years also had great fun). It's a great way for explaining electronic concepts and allows for various levels of experience.

Everything is included. The pre-cut wires can be clipped into place by using the Spring Method and as your child becomes more skilled, s/he moves on to the Breadboard Method... a method engineers and pros use!

This science educational toy offers about 130 projects... there is simply no getting bored! Right from alarms to metal detectors, radios to even a digital light dimmer, this lab can be used to build it all.

Even the instructions that come with the Electronic Lab are easy to understand and follow... so everyone can put the various projects together.

K'Nex Engineering Marvels: Buildings, Structures and Machines

This kit is aimed at kids older than 10 years and makes science, technology, engineering and math real practical. It comes with building bricks, rods, connectors... the lot... and it's ideal for group building.

The principles and concepts are explained in great detail and highlighted with diagrams. But it also allows your child to freely explore and think independently.

Interestingly enough, many civil and structural engineering students often get a challenge similar to what can be built with this science educational toy. Their goal is to design and build a bridge structure capable of taking the biggest load. But, the trick is to use ordinary things like paper, cardboard and matchboxes.

 This may sound easy, but trust me, if you really know the principles it is very challenging.

What I particularly like about this kit is the stimulation of and encouragement to think 'out of the box' and find creative solutions. This really is a marvel of creativity and allows children the freedom to explore and build.

Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractor Telescope

The refractor telescope is a serious, well-made scope that's very easy to use.Although this telescope is very easy to set up, some parental help may be needed, especially since it's aimed at anyone from about 10 years old. But then, adults are the most frequent users of this scope!

Because it's compact and light, it transports easily. The optics are great and the tripod is solid and sturdy.

What I like about this particular science educational toy, is that it allows correct and detailed viewing of both land and sky. What's more, some folks even use it to watch birds or distant objects like boats.

This scope comes with "The Sky" Level 1 planetarium software which offers a database of 10,000 objects with enhanced images... all to help the children better understand the various astronomical concepts. Most important of all, it comes with a full two year warranty!

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