What's the Best Stacking Rings Toy or... maybe Nesting Cups?

Remember the classic stacking rings toy of yesterday… the big plastic cone with various sized rings that fit over it? These days this baby toy has taken on many different looks and additional features, but in effect it remains the same timeless educational toy. To many parents toys often mean an unnecessary expense. Fortunately, this learning toy is mostly reasonably cheap still provides essential stimulation all little ones need.

Sensory stacking rings
Sensory stacking rings
Stacking wooden rings
Stacking wooden rings
Musical stacking rings
Musical stacking rings

When we're trying to playfully encourage and stimulate our child's development, there are a few handy 'rules of thumb' to help us along the way. During around the last 3 months of the first year development of legs and fingers will be the major area of progress. That's where any stacking rings toy will come in handy - they're great to not only assist sitting and general mobility, but also to teach skills such as arm and hand movements… plus of course perceptual skills like colors, sizes, shapes, relative positions and more.

In short, they're simple, fairly cheap and great stimulating toys.

What is a basic stacking rings toy

So, let's give our child any one of the following fairly simple stacking rings to start off with.

The ever-popular Fisher-Price stacking rings
Fisher-Price stacking rings
This stacking rings toy is probably one of the very best stackers for any parent or professional
Green Toys first stacker
These wooden toy stacking rings and hat all slide into a sturdy wooden swivel. Dress and undress this friendly clown.
Wooden clown stacker

As your baby grabs the rings or cups and tries to fit them over the cone, s/he learns important hand-eye coordination, as well as movement with both arms and hands.

Some other variations that are very popular are the following texture stacking rings.

Texture stacking rings give and added stimulation - that of tactile development
Texture stacking rings
Lamaze stacking rings with multi-textured rings
Lamaze stacking rings
Fisher-Price toy stacking rings with sparky lights and music for added stimulation and encouragement
Light-up texture stacker

See how the stacking rings above vary in textures, shapes, colors, patterns, sizes and materials… all using different ways to stimulate and develop various skills. We often get this question about which one is 'best". In our opinion there isn't really a 'best' stacking ring toy that, for the most part, stands out. But, there is absolutely nothing preventing you from first getting one of the simpler versions above and later upgrading to a another, more advanced stacking rings toy.

Rocking owl stacker
Rocking owl stacker
Brightly colored clown wooden stacking rings
Clown stacking rings
Wooden cone stacker for an added challenge and development
Wooden cone stacker

OK, let's move on to the accompanying nesting cups…

Nesting cups

The familiar stacking rings toy and its complementing nesting cups give very similar benefits. These classic baby toys are essential to any nursery and provide enjoyment looooo-ng after the infant years are over. They can be used in many ways that go beyond the obvious. Just give your child enough time Simley wink

These colorful plastic nesting barrels are probably one of the best value-for-money playthings we've ever bought. The comfortably stack on top of each other and neatly nest within to ultimately be roughly the size of an adult's fist.
Nesting barrels
Fisher-Price stacking cups also double up as nesting cups
Fisher-Price stacking cups
Melissa & Doug's multi-purpose nesting cups all used for stacking and sorting shapes
Multi-purpose nesting cups

Rings and cups offer a type of stimulation not found in many other baby toys. An early fascination with math concepts often begins with nesting cups. And as you already know, math skill is crucial in today's technological world. Of course, you get nesting cups like the ones below that specifically stimulate number skills.

These nesting measuring cups are not only sequentially numbered but also volumetrically correct
Nesting measuring cups
Stacking and nesting cups
Stacking & nesting cups
Multi-functional educational nesting cups with numbers, letters and patterns
Educational nesting cups

One aspect you'll like about nesting cups is that it's easily obtained anywhere. In fact, I'll bet your kitchen has at least one set of measuring cups… which is almost the same plaything. So… teaching the basic math building blocks can start anytime during babyhood and is as easy as handing her your nesting measuring cups.

Stacking ring toys are really great fun to also teach your baby the concepts of size and shape. Later, nesting cups can also help your child learn about volume, counting, sequencing, weight, and stacking - concepts like under, on top, in and out. All of these concepts are vital to lay the groundwork for numerical readiness.

Nesting stacker with largest cup doubling as a handy bucket
Nesting stacker
Numbered and volumetricaly accurate nesting & stacking cups for endless bath and play fun.
Nesting stacking cups
Bath nesting cups for playfun anywhere or in the bath
Bath nesting cups

Nowadays many new baby toys also use different textures into their designs. The feel of bumpy dots, terry cloth, smooth satin, and crinkly cloth motivate your baby's developing brain to put all the sensory information together… a crucial part of development. It's really the odd stacking rings toy on the market that doesn't come standard with these features.

Here are a few more that might also interest you.

Fun nesting cups also stimulate shape recognition. They're great fun in hte bath too.
Fun nesting cups
25-Piece durable wood geometric stacking toy
Geometric stacking toy
Speed stacker cups
Speed stacker cups

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