Select Toddler Climbing Toys

A little known secret for finding the best toddler climbing toys is to select good age specific ones. We all know that toddlerhood is a time for discovering various new skills, abilities and developing physically.

Now typically toddlers are aged around 2-4 years, but on this page we'll go a little outside this rage so as not to miss great evergreen ones.

Soft tunnel climber to encourage and improve big motor development... and have lots of fun
Soft Tunnel Climber
Neighborhood Fun Center provides various activities for encouraging and stimulating large motor development
Neighborhood Fun Center
The Alpine Tunnel Slide encourages toddler large motor development - while being inherently safe
Alpine Tunnel Slide

During this period your toddler is learning to speak properly, learning to do new things with their hands and legs, learning new concepts and developing new skills practically each day. One of the major development areas is physical... getting stronger, learning concepts like left and right, coordination, and experiencing perceptual concepts like over, under, in and out firsthand.

The good news is, the right kind of toddler climbing toys will go a long way to stimulate this development process.

Toddler climbing toy importance

Children, particularly toddlers delight in exploring: climbing, swinging, getting into things; and yes getting into a lot of trouble as well! Climbing toys can help a child discover and develop new physical skills without getting into trouble.

Adjustable mountain climber for toddlersIn the interests of your toddler's safety as well as the well being of the rest of your home, you probably spend a lot of time telling your toddler not to climb. However, climbing is an important form of locomotion. Children need to learn this physical skill and also need to expend their energy productively.

  • Toddler climbing toys can help children satisfy their natural curiosity and the need to explore.
  • And it helps children learn self reliance and boosts self confidence.
  • Your child also benefits from the physical activity of climbing.
  • It's also a way for young kids to assert their independence, and
  • Provides opportunities for unstructured play which is so very important for kids.

Bottom line is, help your child climb, and explore and have their own little adventure each day by picking the right kind of toys for them.

Picking the best ones

  1. Toddler activity parkSize. Pick climbers sizes that are age appropriate. The really tall, big climbers are not really safe for a toddler, so look for climbers built on a smaller scale.

  2. Space. Consider whether you want an indoor or outdoor climber. If you have a yard or open outdoor space, you can get an outdoor climber. However you will have to make sure that you will be able to supervise your child's activities at all times if you do pick an outdoor climbing toy.

  3. Simultaneous. Try to pick toddler climbing toys that more than one child can use simultaneously - this way you can have your child learn to play with other children and develop social skills.

  4. Safe. Pick climbing toys that are made with non-toxic, child safe materials, with no sharp edges or protrusions. Look for a design that will make it unlikely for your child to fall off or get hurt.

  5. Strong. Also make sure that the toy is sturdy and well made so that it can withstand the rough treatment that your toddler will undoubtedly mete out.

Ideas and suggestions

  • This treehouse toddler climbing toy is for kids about 18+ months old - perfecxt for toddler, but durable enough to withstand much older onesThe Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse consists of a small set of stairs leading up to a covered platform and a small slide on the other side. Toddlers, who enjoy stair climbing and sliding and repetitive activities of this sort, will enjoy this. The compact design makes it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor activities.

  • Clubhouse toddler climber comes with everything for imaginative outdoor play that very young ones can "grow into"The Spet2 Clubhouse Climbers are also good toddler climbing toys. This is a bigger, more complex climbing toy that may be suitable only for an outdoor space. It has more for your child to explore and presents more possibilities. Several kids can use it at once.

  • Exciting about the crawl climb caterpillar is that toddlers can crawl along inside, climb over and ride it too. Even a wonderful toy to encourage baby crawlingThe Crawl & Climb Caterpillar from ECR4Kids looks like a caterpillar. The child can crawl along inside, climb over and ride it too.

  • The Climb & Slide Castle climber assembles easily, provides much stimulation and very suitable for 1-4 years oldsThe Little Tikes Climb & Slide Castle is a small climber consisting of a simple set of steps, a slide and a small platform. This way your easily bored toddler can hop from one to another activity and remain engaged. Great for confined spaces.

  • The Skyward Summit toddler climbing toy provides 4 different climbing surfaces. Very sturdyThe Step2 Skyward Summit is another one of the toddler climbing toys that present multiple climbing opportunities and keep the child amused and occupied for a longer duration. Built to simulate a rock face, this climber presents a summit for the child to scale. It consists of cargo and floor nets, grips and different climbing surfaces. A younger child may be able to do less and then may progress to higher levels, giving a sense of achievement or accomplishment.

  • The monkey bars climbing toy is great for stimulating physical development - it's made of durable interlocking plastic tubes for long time playtime funThe Toy Monster Portable Monkey Bars is a smaller version of the classic jungle gym found in kids' playgrounds. This is a portable climber that requires adult assembly and may be suitable for the outdoors rather than the indoors. Two or three kids can play together on this sturdy toddler climbing toy, by climbing, swinging from the bars and more.

  • Inflatable Jungle Gym is wonderful for crawling, climbing, and having fun - and provides a soft structure to prevent injuriesThe Metro Design Inflatable Jungle Gym is another great idea for a toddler climber. It has crisscrossing bars that kids can climb and a bouncy platform as well. Since this item is inflatable you are less worried about your child getting hurt.

  • The Double Sided Rock Wall Climber is another inflatable toddler climber for stimulating coordination and physical developmentSimilarly the Double Sided Rock Wall is also inflatable, which makes it easy to use and portable as well.

Many of the other implements listed above, such as the slide, swing and other toddler climbing toys are also available in the inflatable versions if you prefer that.

Lastly, also have a look at a few outdoor climbing toys by going here.