Recommended Toddler Push Toys for Improving Mobility

The push and pull toy is great for toddlers and preschoolers to encourage walking and mobilityToddler push toys are pretty handy to encourage your child to walk by imitating things you daily do in and around the house. Without you ever noticing it, your child watches you using a vacuum cleaner or moving the lawn using a lawnmower... and fortunately wants to do the same.

These toys are also useful to help steady your baby's first steps and guide her as she learns to walk by herself and to develop other gross motor skills. Toddler push toys and pull toys are particularly useful for teaching children more about the way her bodies move and function. To a lesser extent they also demonstrate concepts such as cause and effect... if I push the toy, it moves.

Unusual push toys

Some parents may prefer a push toy rather than the usual buggy or The Push Around Buggy is a sturdy & cute toddler push toy with some storage space for a few small thingspram for taking their child out to the park, to run errands or when stepping out for a breath of fresh air. Many kids also prefer these brightly colored toys that give them a greater sense of autonomy and freedom than a pram or buggy would.

This Push Around Buggy is in the shape of a car, with a seat for a child along with a little steeringThe little bit of extra storage space in front make the Push Along Buggy a great toddler push toy wheel and a horn to toot as well. It also comes equipped with its own little boot or storage compartment for your child to stow away all his other little treasures.

From the parents' point of view, there is a safety belt to help secure the child as well as a handle behind (removable) for steering and controlling the The Radio Flyer wagon is a great toddler toy... both for pushing and pulling alonglittle car. Parents could also use the little trunk for an extra diaper, keys, and a napkin and so on. The Radio Flyer wagon is also a VERY sturdy and strong toddler toy

This Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon can also be useful for parents who want to take a toddler (or two) along for various activities. Later your child can use the wagon to push around her dolls and toys, or even perhaps a friend or younger sibling.

Toddler push toys

The push along toy mirror is probably one of the first steps in improving your child's motor skillsYou can begin with a simple push toy such as this Push Along Toddler Toy This is something that a child can learn to handle once he starts to sit up unaided. The wheels help him push the toy and he mirror keeps him amused and entertained; letting him become familiar with his own physical self. The Megcos auto trailer is a popular push toy to amuse for a very long time

A little toy truck such as Megcos Auto Trailer can also amuse your child teaching him the connection between his own actions and toy's movements. The design is safe for small kids and it is made from nontoxic materials.

The Press and Crawl turtle in another playful toy for encouraging initial mobilityThe Press and Crawl Turtle is another toy that will delight and amuse a young toddler. He will soon figure out that pressing the top of the turtle makes it scoot along and this will keep him engaged while also teaching him about action and reaction.

The Fisher Price activity walker is a very popular toddler push for encouraging your child to walk and move aboutThe Fisher-Price Activity Walker is a good idea not just as a toddler push toy but also as a multi-activity center. The flipping doors, turning gears, sliding beads and spinning panels and ball will amuse your child letting her discover new things all the time. Then when she is ready to stand up and try The Little Helper Doll Stroller is a toddler push toys that especially girls enjoy and encourages them to improve mobilitywalking on her own two feet, this will help to steady her steps.

The Little Helper Doll Stroller is another one of the toddler push toys that your little girl will enjoy. You can take your little girl along on visits to the supermarket where she wheels around her own little cart. Or she can take her own little doll for a walk. Step2 Walker Wagon with Blocks not only helps your little one as he learns to walk, it will also let him carry his favorite toys or play with the 16 foam blocks that come along with the push toy

Step2 Walker Wagon with Blocks not only helps your little one as he learns to walk, it will also let The baby walker is a bright little car with a push handle, it also comes with blocks to keep your child amused... great for encouraging mobilityhim carry his favorite toys or play with the 16 foam blocks that come along with the push toy.

Plan Toys Baby Walker is another of the toddler push toys to be recommended. It looks like a bright little car with a push handle - it also comesThe Fisher-Price corn popper is one of the best value for money educational toys for encouraging and improving walking and toddler mobility with blocks to keep your child amused.

One of the toddler push toys we've the best success with is the Fisher Price corn popper. This was one of the first push toys we bought for a toy library many years ago. At the 21 year anniversary that same popper was still working perfectly... and I'm sure it encouraged many toddlers to walk or to improve their skills.

More toddler toys for encouraging walking

The pull along snail is perfect for about 15 months and older to encourage walking and runningThis pull along toy is a very popular toddler toy for encouraging walking and mobilityOnce your toddler is a little steady on her feet, she may enjoy pull along toys such as this Pull Along Snail or this Fisher-Price Disney's Winnie the Pooh - Pooh's Musical Pop-up Choo Choo. Kids tend to like toddler push toys and pull toysThe attraction of the bight colors and chimes are 2 main reasons why this push along melody chime help toddlers improve mobility and coordination that make different noises, play music and so on. So this Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Melody Push Chime with its bright colors, animal characters, and musical chimes will be delightful for your toddler even as she refines her balance and coordination.

Parents can also pick other types of toys that let your child engage in pretend play. A push toy shaped like a vacuum cleaner or a lawn mower or a wheel barrow will keep your child busy 'helping' you as go about your daily chores.

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