8 Space-Saving Toddler Toy Storage Ideas

Sesame street toy box is a cute, small toy box for any nuresryHere's what to do when toddler toy storage must be brought under control. You'll be amazed at how much stuff your child accumulates as s/he grows older... and that includes toys, especially if you don't want to discover a stuffed toy on the kitchen counter, a squeaky toys on the couch and jigsaw pieces in your bed!

KidKraft makes a classy, good quality storage bench that holds a reasonable number of toysIdeally toy storage should keep playthings and other stuff organized, but it should still be easily accessible. You want your child to get to quickly and safely get to all toys... and put them away when old enough to do so. We look at some simple and creative ways to keep your toddler's seemingly innumerable toys organized.

Toddler toy storage ideas

Here are the 8 different kinds we'll be looking into:


The shelving unit not only can be used for storing different toddler toys, but will also function as a study bookshelf in later yearsShelves can be the basic storage unit in any Basket sotrage cubby's are modular and can be stacked vertically for more storage spacechild's room. They can be used for stacking books, board games, shoes, soft toys, and a whole lot besides. You can put up shelves by yourself in a simple DIY project or pick prefabricated shelves in a variety of materials - wood, particle board, plastic and more. Pick from various readymade ones such as this Kids Tier Shelf, or a unit like the Badger Basket Storage Cubby which also come with slide out drawers.

This type of toddler toy storage can be freestanding or can be attached to a wall. Get creative with a shelf grid with labels to help organize toys and other stuff, or a fun, wavy shelf or asymmetrical shelves to add some variety.

Another toddler toy storage idea is...

The clothes tree creates tons of space by tidying up clothes lying aroundPegs

Safari wall hooks is made from particles board (press board) and will create space in any nurserySimple wooden or plastic pegs can also great for helping organize all the paraphernalia that a toddler may need. Your child's shoes, coats, jump rope, stuffed toys, hula hoop, skates, can all get stowed away and out of the way.

The Toy Gang Toy Organizer is another affordable way to create space and restore neatness in any kid's roomPegs that go on the wall such as this Safari Wall Hooks or these Butterfly Wall Hooks.

Another affordable organizer that  works well isAny toy hammock will get clutter off your kid room's floor. It takes a large number of toys and can be used in any corner the Toy Gang Toy Organizer... even a toy hammock will free up lots of cluttered space in any kid's room.


Pails and bins

Pails and bins of different shapes, sizes and colors can be a fun means of toddler toy storage. You can create a row of matching toy bins or buckets or perhaps have Keep your child's room tidy and neat with affordable canvas binsthem in graded sizes to help your child differentiate between them. The Lego Toy Stack Baskets, or Koala Baby Canvas Bins, are inexpensive options that will help make a home for all those many odds and ends. Lego Stacks basket keeps all your toys and plaything together - stackable and nestable

One can be for books, another for stuffed toys, yet another for board games, jigsaw puzzles and so on. These individual pails or bins can then be neatly lined in a corner or even stowed away on shelves. You can help your child understand at an early age, the concept of a place for everything and everything in its place.


Keep any room neat with these foldable storage crats: fits on a closet shelf or bookshelfThis is another simple, DIY idea for toddler toy storage. You can use soda crates or other similar wooden objects and attach casters to the bottom. Lego storage units will keep your Lego's by type, color, minifuges... even instructionsIf you cannot be bothered with a DIY project, these Foldable Storage crates or these Lego Storage crates may be more your thing.

Several of these will help your child organize all her different stuff - dolls in one crate, the dolls clothes and accessories in another, books in yet another and so on. When she's done playing, the crates are easy for her to slide under her bed!

Boxes and chests

The bookcase storage shelf requires minimal assembly and doubles as bookshelf and storage chestWooden chests or even big sturdy plastic boxes can double as toddler toy storage space and as seating for your child's room. A vintage wooden chest or a plastic stool with a removable top lid can work really well for storage of toys and other The toy box provides convenient & ample storage which doubling as a bench for additional seatingstuff. It can help keep the unseemly clutter out of sight.

You can teach your child that he needs to remove only what he wants to play with, thenThe storage container provides great extra space while doubling as handy stool return it to its box and only then pick out the next toy that he wants to play with. This Bookshelf Storage Chest is a good example of storage that doubles as bookshelf. The KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box is another. These colorful Storage Container Stools are handy storage spaces while doubling as extra seating.


This simple Three Drawer Storage Unit works well to organize things in and around your child's roomA chest of drawers can be put to good use as toddler toy storage. You can put to use that old set of drawers that has been gathering dust in the attic or buy a new set. Drawers are useful because they help organize things into sections and keep clutter out of sight. This simple Three Drawer Storage Unit could also work quite well.




This kids toy organizer comes with a wooden frame and 12 separate plastic bins for tidying up everything from toys to craftsThere are plenty of organizers that you can buy online and elsewhere: the Honey-Can-Do Primary Colors Kids Storage Organizer is a great way to help your child understand organizing and sorting according to groups. The bright A Minnie Mouse multi-bin toy organizer is one fun way of encouraging your child to neatly store loose toyscolors and angled shelves mean that putting toys away isn't that much of a chore.

If your toddler is a rather fashion conscious little girl, this Minnie Mouse Multi-Bin Organizer may be more her speed. The angled racks and pretty prints will offer a home for all her toys, books and more.

Bookcase storage unitsThe puzzle bookshelf comes in red, blue and green units and fit neatly into each other to create extra space

Kid's storage bookcase with canvas drawers for tidying up any roomThis Storage bookcase unit is not just for toddler toy storage; it is something that will grow along with your little one. Another option could be something like these KidKraft Puzzle bookshelfs which come in bright colors - these single, freestanding units could be stacked and can be a more flexible option.


Something different

Here's a small storage container with a removable cushion top that doubles as a fairly sturdy sitting area. They come as a red fire trucks or a yellow school bus.

Fire truck storage box with removable lid
Fisher Price fire truck
ride on storage box
Cute, sturdy storage box - can be used for seating
Cute, sturdy storage box

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