Toddler Water Toys

Toddler water toys are unfortunately rarely used to encourage and stimulate child development... in the bath. You should start your toddler out on a lifetime of fun fitness by introducing him or her to water early in life. Start by picking smart toddler water toys. If your child associates water with play and fun he will develop a comfort level for water that may translate into an effortless activities.

Water bomb splash balls for toddlers... and older kidsAs an infant you can use bath toys to make bath time fun for your baby. You can then use kiddies pools and other toys to let your child enjoy hours of healthy fun playing by herself or playing along with other kids. Here are some ideas for toddler water toys that you and your child may enjoy:

Water tables

Kids tend to naturally love playing with water but it's not always possible to let your child play long in the bath, and in the colder season it may not be advisable either. Water Table are toddler water toys that can be enjoyed all the year round.

The activity water table is a great water to combine water activities with educational stimulationThe Step 2 Water Wheel Activity Play Table comesActivity water table is a 'clean' way for your child to enjoy the fun of playing with water equipped with funnels, spinning wheels, tower molded sections to create harbors, lakes and canals, boats and cup. It lets your child enjoy water fun without getting into dirt and mud.

The Step 2 Play Up Adjustable Sand Water Table has two separate sides - one for water and one for sand. The height is adjustable for aThe sand water table comes with 2 parts - one for water and one for sand The tropical island resort is a durable plaything that lends itself perfectly for multi-child water playgrowing child and a drain plug makes cleaning easy. Umbrella, accessory set and cover are included. You can also pick other toddler water toys such as Tropical Resort themed water tables, multi-activity tables, ones that make sounds and so on.

Kiddie & Wading Pools

The inflatable baby pool is very durable and suitable for kids up to about 3 years oldThere is the basic, tiny kiddie pool such as the inflatable Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool which is suitable for a single child. If you want somethingThe mushroom baby pool comes with a soft floor and suitable for children up to about 3 years old. a little more elaborate the Mushroom Baby Pool may be more interesting for your child. However your toddler will either outgrow or puncture these after a while.

A larger pool cum activity center is the Intex The pool play center comes with water sprayer, slide and other kid activities.Intex 117-by-76-by-53-Inch Rainbow Ring Pool Play Centerslide, water sprayer, ring toss game and toss ball game. Several kids can use this one together so this may be ideal for when your toddler enjoys having her friends over for a play date. It bears repetition that all of your child's time in a pool should be supervised by an adult.

Bigger Kid Pools

Easy to assemble family size pool with strong framePortable pools that measure 12 to 15 feet in diameter can be a great way for the entire family to spend fun time together. The Family Size 12 feet pool is circular in shape and is Easy to assemble family pool without any framesupported by a metal frame is 30 inches high and can fit the entire family. Perhaps your toddler could end up learning the rudiments of swimming right here; effortlessly and in the midst of play.

More Toddler Water Toys

Dive balls are great for toddlers getting used to water and diving underDive rings encourages underwater swimming and skillsIf you have a swimming pool at home, you can pick various different dive balls, dive rings, swim-thru-rings, and slides as toddler water toys. There are all ring shaped floats, life jacket vest type inflatable floats and inflatable arm floats, in all hues and types that yourOne things that's particularly great about the swim-thru-rings is that they're adjustable for depth - also great fun for toddlers! toddler may enjoy. Though they help your child float these are not lifeA child life jacket is probably one items every household needs, regardless of how well your toddler can swim preservers so again, your child should not be left unsupervised in the pool even if they have one of these floats on.

Apart from floats there are many other innovative toddler water toys that make water A toddler squirter can be great fun in any pool activities fun for kids. This squirter can mean hours of fun for your toddler and a friend or two. The shootball pool games means lots of vigorous activity in any pool

The Shootball Pool Game is something that means lots of vigorous physical activity and enhancement of physical skills for your child.

This Inflatable Ice Cube will help to retain theKid and toddler pool ice cube interest of your child and his friends and keep them engaged in healthy physical activity. These are pool toys that will be suitable for your older kids as well. Kids of all ages (and adults) just seem to love the bouncing on water ball - endless fun

The ideas for toddler water toys are almost limitless. But you as a parent should choose pool toys that are safe, non toxic and built from sturdy materials that won't break, deflate or chip off. With some caution and safety rules your child can be a happy baby completely at home in the water.

Infant bath toys

Funtime Fishing is a very popular infant bath toyBath toys can be a simple way to make bath times fun for baby and effortless for the parent. Some good ideas for bath toys are the Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing, which is a fishing rod with a built Catching floating water bugs with a net is an exciting and stimulating infant bath toyin magnet to catch some fish or the Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net. Or of course you can pick the traditional squeaky water duck with her brood of chicks or just some simple colorful containers for your little one to play with in the bath.

Here are a few more water toys...

Baby's first tugboat

Boon Splat Floating Ring Toss

Boon infant bath toys Munchkin Baby Bath Ball

Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy

It needs to be mentioned here that with all toddler water toys, supervision is an absolute must. You may think that your child is safe and comfortably occupied with his bath toys so you think of getting on with a couple of chores. But you should never leave an infant or a toddler unattended in or even near water.

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