Exciting, Free Toddler Game For Playgroups

"Mary's toddler game for the kids was wonderful... just like a pro".

"She jumped right in as if she were a stay-at-home Mom. You'd never know she works".

"Mary has a j-o-b??? Euwhhhh…are you sure that her game was appropriate for our kids? You know how working mothers are always more wrapped up in their careers than their children."

"Shhhh, to be honest, I'm surprised she showed up… with her promotion she spends so much time at work. Knowing Mary, she probably just plucked her idea off the Internet… some toddler activity for playgroups."

"Gulp…" why did you ever let yourself get all wrapped up in this playgroup thing?

Silly question… you know why… he's sitting at the table singing as he's shining his shoes with soggy animal crackers.

Next week is your turn to host the playgroup. What's wrong with surfing the old "WWW" to find a toddler game?

There's absolutely nothing at all wrong with it.

Being the most wrapped-up-in-her-child kind of Mom that you are, you aim your search engine at finding lots of creative ideas.

Huh? There must be something wrong!

These links are for gambling web sites. You're sure you typed in toddler game and even surer that your son and his little friends aren't quite ready for poker.

Wouldn't that impress the other moms?

Tossing that idea, you refine your search and look for "kid games" and readying for huge returns in ideas for a toddler game.

Guess what?

You got it…the problem is you only got toy manufacturers' web sites.

But, what you really need is...

A Game Idea

You don't want to buy a toy!

In fact, when you do buy a toy, your son often ends up playing with the box more than his new toy.

Bingo! That's it!

Playgroups are about mothers and their children spending time together. And children need games and activities to have fun and to help develop their various skills.

A game is just that… a game that kids play!

Aimed with the truth in your heart, and a couple of empty cardboard boxes, you're ready for an awesome afternoon with your child and his playgroup.

If you're intent on making an impressive statement, just get the biggest empty boxes you can find from your local appliance store. The kids will love them and the other mothers will wonder how you got them home.

A box…just a regular, old box…no other mainstay could offer such promise for a toddler game.

Let's see... it can be an underground cave, a frontier cabin, a soaring spaceship, a racing fire engine, a winding train, a cruising riverboat… whatever their hearts' desire…

Big, Empty Boxes... Simple Perfection… A Winning Game

Boxes even have developmental advantages in it for children and playgroups.

Social Development - It brings kids together for a "playing with" scenario versus "playing beside" someone.

Motor Skill Development - As kids climb in and out and through the boxes they're exercising major muscles.

Creative Abilities - Necessity is indeed the mother of all invention as plastic bowls become firemen's hats and space helmets. Finger paints turn plain brown-colored surfaces into murals.

And it playfully teaches the concept of "In" and "Out".

If you're in need for more game ideas... click here.

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