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Selecting a toy from one of the top toy manufacturers is probably THE easiest way to ensure you get the best value for money when buying educational toys. Everyone associates certain manufacturers and brand names in every field with high quality products. Educational toys are no exception.

The leading manufacturers are "leading" for very good reasons. Their toys...

  • Provide great play and educational value

  • They do not chip or crack

  • Are very difficult to break

  • Are made from safe materials, and...

  • Often last a lifetime

Now, before we go ahead, let's first agree on what exactly we view as a great toy manufacturer. We don't look at sales, turnover, profits or other financial or marketing information.

We're only interested in safe, good quality designs which encourages and stimulates various aspects of child development... and preferably last a very long time. In fact, that is what we'd like to see in every good educational toy... regardless of manufacturer.

Our experience with a top toy manufacturer

When my wife started an educational toy library for a university many years ago, one of the very first things she bought was a heavy duty Fisher Price truck. Some time ago we were invited as guests to its 21st anniversary.

After tea we went through the library and were really amazed to still find some of the same toys she bought. The big Fisher Price truck was one of them! Even a few of the Fisher Price corn popper push toys were still working perfectly well.

Of course, anyone can see they've been used by many children. But hey, c'mon… let's be fair here... most of us do not intend having children for 21 years or more.

Fisher Price fire truck ride on storage box
Fisher Price fire truck
ride on storage box
Fisher Price corn popper push toy
Fisher Price corn popper
push toy

More advantages of top toy manufacturers

Today we know that reputable toy brands are known to...

  • conduct child-specific research

  • address specific kid learning needs

  • deliver value for money toys

  • guarantee products in writing

  • give clear instructions for use, and...

  • oftentimes give background information

So, look no further. Here are a few outstanding brands that others are trusting.

10 Top Toy Manufacturers

We've looked at the top selling toy manufacturers from this site over the last number of months. And we've ranked them based on number of items sold... and we've looked at the most popular educational toys.

Have a look at the list below -- that should give you some idea of what what bands other folks are trusting. We've also started looking into more detail at the various brands and what other specific educational toys they offer. Here are some of our findings.


Freddie the firefly texture and stimulation toy for little ones
Freddie the Firefly
Treasure Hunt soft book
Treasure Hunt soft book
Lamaze soft sorter
Soft sorter


Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein take along tunes
Take Along Tunes
Baby Einstein discover and play piano
Discover and Play piano
Baby Einstein bendy ball
Bendy Ball


Fisher Price

Fisher Price first blocks
Baby's First Blocks
Fisher Price little people city skywalk
Little People City Skywalk
Fisher Price laugh and learn smart stages chair
Smart Stages Chair



Sassy developmental bumpy ball
Developmental Bumpy Ball
Sassy floor mirror
Sassy Floor Mirror
Sassy developmental sensory balls
Developmental Sensory Balls


Tiny Love

Take along mobile animal friends
Take Along Mobile
Animal Friends
Take along sunny arch
Sunny Arch
Tiny smarts rattle toy
Tiny Smarts Rattle Toy


Green Sprouts


Bright Starts






Melissa & Doug

In 1888 an American couple called Melissa and Doug Bernstein started a business out of their basement. The original product line consisted of three interactive videotapes and a musical toy; rather a unique new idea at the time. The company inventory soon expanded and the brand quickly became known as Melissa and Doug and was particularly well-known for blocks, wooden puzzles and educational toys.

The toys became a huge hit because of its great designs which were created with lots of insight and imagination. These were largely old fashioned, well constructed toys that stood out among all the other noisy, electronic toys made without regard to aesthetics or quality. The company continues to function without flashy merchandizing, gimmickry and digitization of toys that has become almost universal now.

We've looked at a few of their blocks and other popular educational toys here.

Other Top Manufacturers

  • Playmobil makes more than just learning toys for babies and toddlers

  • Revolutionary kid toys and ideas from a company that goes by the name of something as everyday as Leap Frog. We've looked in a bit more details at some of their great electronic games.

  • Lego... is probably one of THE top toy manufacturers globally and is synonymous with the perfect interlocking building block

  • Mega Bloks - too many ingenious kid fun answers to be merely ignored

  • Is there a good reason why you haven't had a closer look at the  Chicco toy range?

  • Crayola crayons cultivate creative genius

  • Ravensburger puzzles - you should start your search for puzzles here

  • Brio inspires children to play with toys in different ways

  • Discover the durability of Wooden toys

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