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Toy bin tower organizer

Toy bin tower organizer

One of the most interesting toy storage ideas I've ever used is one that actually gets my child to play with and enjoy an old toy for much longer.

Babies and kids quickly learn specific preferences, just like the rest of us.

Once they have a range of toys you'll notice they prefer to play with certain ones and almost ignoring the rest. That happens and is quite normal.

The problem is they quickly get bored with the same old toys and eventually end up wanting new ones all the time. But here's a toy storage idea to keep them interested in their old toys for much longer.

Buy an organizer or a few large buckets, containers or even bags.

Divide the toys in a few different groups. How many toys you have in each group will be determined by how many toys you have, and what kinds of toys. As a general rule keep it to about 4- 6 toys per group.

Try to include different types of toys - that's texture toys, building things, music playthings in each of the groups. Don't despair if you don't have so many types of toys.

Put each of these groups into a container and store them out of reach and sight… leaving her with only one set to play with at a time.

Every 7-10 days exchange the present set of toys for one in another container. Take away and store the existing set.

This tip forces your baby to play with a variety of toys and automatically develop a full range of skills.

The thing I like about this toy storage idea is that it keeps them interested in their old toys for a lot longer. And it keeps your home so much neater.

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