The Ultimate Toy Castle

Getting your child a toy castle may be one of the smartest things you'll do this year.

Nowadays castles come in all sizes, shapes and the fun, pleasure and excitement that they can give.

Lego castle medieval market villageBut rather than giving you a list of all the different types of play castles, I'd rather point you to those I've seen are really brilliant and probably the very best value-for-money ones.

What am I talking about?


Keep the instructions in a safe place to refer back to. Although the Lego castle allows you to build your own creations, you may want to come back to the original castle one day. 

Only this...

Imagine you can buy a kid castle that'll give kids pleasure and enjoyment for as much as 7 years AND at the same teach them...

  • to be more creative and to find great solutions to problems
     to be handy and skilful

  • how to carry out a task without making unnecessary mistakes

  • how to build and make things, and...

  • how to easily follow step-by-step instructions to do complicated tasks?

Kings Mountain Fortress toy castleIf you can do all of that just getting the right one, I'd say you've just invested extremely wisely.

Well you can!

When my eldest son was 9 I bought him a Lego castle - the Kings Mountain Fortress Castle. One that came with all the swords, swordsmen, gadgets and even an illuminating ghost. What a castle!The Kingdoms King's Castle that kids built and modified into more forms and shapes than imaginable

I can't remember how many times the castle was built, changed, modified, dress code of the men changed, or the ghost glowed in the dark. But I do remember the endless hours of excitement, laughter and even the arguments of which men were the best and bravest.


Often we add more Lego blocks to the original set... to make it "bigger". Don't. Keep the castle blocks separate by storing them in a plastic box or large screw cap bottle. You get big plastic bottles at most toy shops. Another option is to use an empty whey protein or similar bottle which body builders and other sportsmen often use. 

My son turns 18 soon. Last time I asked he still had the original box... although pretty worn, plans AND almost all of the little parts. My second great toy castle... Lego Kingdoms King's CastleIt's obviously a treasured toy for quite a number of ears now.

My second son obviously shared some fun times with the same toy castle. But as one would expect, was never allowed to play with THAT one on his own.

Naturally he also got one... The Kingdoms King's Castle that kept many young kids occupied for countless hours!

A different Lego castle... similar to the Kingdoms King's Castle... but exactly the same play and fun result. He also still has his castle. The cardboard box is pretty well worn, but then... no castle can be modified into so many things as this one was.

New Generation Toy Castles

But today, even better than any toy castles of before, is the most recentHarry Potter toy castle addition... the awesome Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle. Harry Potter Hogwarts castleIt's a massive 600 piece toy castle featuring secret hidden compartments and treasure chests, a spiral staircase that moves, torches, and many of the book's characters in Lego form.

This brilliant addition to the Lego toy castle family comes with the very best detail... stone texturing, grated windows, a balcony, arches and multiple towers. Harry Potter Lego castle

To be quite honest...

It's Really One of The Coolest Toy Castles Ever!

Agreed, some of the castles are a bit pricey, but looking at the actual play value kids got from this toy I'd say that they were pretty good investments. Of course, you don't have to start off with a big, expensive one - get a smaller one. I'd say that if you're looking for a unique, creative, and absolutely magical castle, Lego is surely the only one you'll need to consider.

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