How Trampolines For Kids Can Boost Sporting Ability

Trampolines for kids! Why would anyone want one?

Airzone 38-Inch Mini Band TrampolineWell... the most obvious reason is that it can be great fun. What's more, it can radically improve your child's movement skills.

Trampolines are really great fun to develop motor skills such as equilibrium, balance, coordination and agility. And it's fair to say that WITHOUT these skills a child will never really reach full potential in sport.

Also, children 3 years and older can easily use a mini trampoline.

But to get the best results and to ensure your child's safety it's important to get one that's the right size.

So, here's are a few guidelines for choosing the right kids trampoline...

How To Choose The Right Size Trampoline

  1. Stand on the floor next to the trampoline.

  2. Stand or sit your child in the middle of the trampoline mat. If it's the right size you will be able to easily hold your child's hands.

  3. A round one approximately 2m (~6') diameter is generally a very good first choice.

  4. Don't get one that's too big. You need to stay off the trampoline at all times to limit movements that you can possibly influence your child.

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So how do you get the best from your trampoline, especially when you have a very small child?

4 Logical And Orderly Steps to Improve Your Child's Movement Skills

72" X 20" 2 in 1 Kid's Trampoline and Kiddie PoolEach step uses a different body position and progressively takes your child through the different steps... lying on back, sitting, kneeling and standing.

Most often very rapid results are obtained when you go through each phase by making sure your child has fully mastered the skills in each step.

Step 1

Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure SetOne - lie your child on his/her back on the trampoline mat. Put your hands on the trampoline mat close to your child's body. VERY gently push down on the mat and start to move the mat up and down.

As your child becomes more aware of the movement and motor skill development kicks in, you'll sense more assistance from your child's body. Eventually s/he'll be able to move the kid trampoline mat up and down using own body movement.

Step 2

Two - once your child is comfortable sitting on the kids trampoline... get him/her to alternate between sitting and lying while bouncing... that's falling backwards from sitting position onto their backs and use their body movement to bounce all the way back to sitting position.

For safety reasons have adult supervision present when doing this.

Step 3 & 4

Three & Four - kneeling and standing on the kid trampoline mat. Easiest is to hold your child's hands while gently moving the body up and down. In both these positions it's wise to encourage more difficult movements.

Encourage gentle movements from side to side while bouncing, move forwards and backwards, raising arms, swinging arms as if running, twisting slightly clockwise and then anti- clockwise while bouncing are also great motor skill development boosters.

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Trampolines for kids: Exercises under your direct supervision!

  1. Stand your child upright on the kid trampoline.

  2. Now, let your child bounce horizontally onto back or stomach, and back to the upright position. A fairly high motor skill development level is needed before a child will accomplish this... but it's definitely something your child can boast about.

Although trampolines for kids are tremendously valuable tools and toys to use... they're not for letting children use unattended... especially when they are young.

A Word of Caution - For fear of injuries don't allow your child to jump off onto the floor... and clear immediate surroundings of all objects.

80" x 27" Jump-o-LeneDeveloping a fully functional child is every parent's obligation. But fortunately it can nowadays be easily mastered at a very early age by using trampolines for kids.

So... rather than merely wishing, wondering and worrying about your child's motor skill development... make an investment in your child's future by getting a kid's trampoline.

It will give you the satisfaction and peace of mind of a fully functional child and most likely of a child really enjoying sport.

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