8 Select Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Sometimes it seems as if particularly wooden toys for toddlers have lost somewhat of its former attractiveness. But, while plastic comes with a number of conveniences, wooden toys still have their own charm... and ongoing learning stimulation.

In fact when it comes to learning toys, even today, wood seems to be the preferred material especially in the under five year age group.

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Below are a few specific wooden toys for toddlers that are safe, effective and child friendly.

Select Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Plan Toy Geometric Sorting BoardPlan Toy Geometric Sorting Board

This one has four sets of rectangles, squares, triangles and circles that are stacked on pins according to the holes in each. While the shapes definitely help the kids to familiarize themselves with these geometrical designs, the vibrant colors are great at aiding in color recognition. Staking these shapes according to the holes, helps children in early counting methods. Of course the stacking itself is a great lesson in hand eye co-ordination. The easy to grasp size of the wooden shapes is perfect for young kids and their tiny hands.

Melissa & Doug 100 Piece Wood Blocks SetMelissa & Doug 100 Piece Wood Blocks Set

This set of 100 wooden blocks comes in a mix of four primary colors which helps to stimulate a child's visual senses and also helps them to identify these colors. The cubes, cylinders, semi circles and arches are great to introduce shapes to the child's world and extremely beneficial in stimulating the child's creative juices by helping the kid to create forms with these blocks. The varying sizes of the blocks are great for the kid's sense of touch and the fact that the blocks are splinter free is a huge advantage in the safety arena.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting ClockMelissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Teaching children the concept of time is never an easy task. The quantum is difficult to explain and can be very boring and confusing for most kids. This wooden clock is an effective tool in teaching kid's time and the shapes come in as a bonus to stimulate the kid's mathematical aptitude. The colors are vibrant and a delight for visual senses. The bold numbers on the clock and the easy to move hands are ideal and stimulate a child in more ways that one.

Jenga Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Happy Handle Stamp Set

Melissa & Doug Stacking TrainMelissa & Doug Stacking Train

This brightly colored toy train can take any child's imagination on a joy ride. Right from the engine to the two bogies with it, the train is full of geometrical shapes. While stacking these shapes helps to better a child's hand eye co-ordination, the vibrant primary colors stimulate her visual senses. The size of the holes is ideal for little kids while the well rounded corners keep them safe from injury.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden AlphabetMelissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is important for the academic process and this is why an alphabet set is considered a good toy for little kids. This one from Melissa & Doug is a complete alphabet set with both the upper and lower case letters. The set comes in a neat store box and apart from familiarizing children with the English alphabet; it also brings a riot of color into the kid's world.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 50-piece Wooden ABC/123 Blocks Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 50-piece Wooden ABC/123 Blocks SetRight from helping kinds learn the English alphabet to familiarizing them with numbers to even getting them exposed to animal names, this 50 piece set does it all. The cube shaped blocks carry an image of the upper case letter on one side, while the lower case is on the other. The other sides are flanked with objects starting from that letter. Of course mental stimulation is an aim of the set, but it is also great in helping children with their gross motor skills.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy Classic Embossed Alphabet Blocks ABC Melissa & Doug See & Spell

Melissa & Doug Upper & Lower Case AlphabetMelissa & Doug Upper & Lower Case Alphabet

Another great toddler toy is this puzzle board with both upper and lower case letters. Sticking with primary colors, the set is able to keep the child's focus on the shapes of the letters. Fixing the letter into the right spot helps the kid to remember and register the shape of the letter while also helping in developing the child's gross and fine motor skills. wooden toys for toddlers

Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and BoardsMelissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards

Allowing the child's imagination to soar is a great way to ensure creativity in the kid's life. The Melissa & Doug Pattern set does exactly this. The various shapes come together to form a larger picture and children are able to see how smaller parts can be put together to create something new from them. The colored shapes of the blocks stimulate a child's mind no end while the actual placing of the blocks in the right slot helps children to develop their hand-eye co-ordination.

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